Rent the Community Center and Pavilion

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Rent the Community Center and Pavilion

The Village of Bonney has a first-class community center and outdoor pavilion available for rent. Prices begin at $185 for the Community Center and $100 for the Pavilion. Rental hours are between 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.



Community Center Hall

Community Center Hall

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To rent the spaces, click on the links at Community Center reservation form at bottom of the page.

Community Center Fees

All Community Center rentals are by the hour.

Deposit $125.00 (CASH ONLY)

Rental Period Rental Fee
5 hours $185
8 hours $260
10 hours $310
12 hours       $370
  • The Community Center capacity is 80 guests.
Bonney Pavilion Front View

Bonney Pavilion Front View

Pavilion Fees

All Pavilion rentals are by the hour.

Deposit $125.00 (CASH ONLY)

Rental Period Total
Rental Fee
5 hours $100
8 hours $150
10 hours $200
12 hours $260


  • The Pavilion capacity is 80 guests.

Deposit fees must be paid in full at the time that the reservation is made. After you complete your reservation form, mail or deliver a check for the rental fee using the figures above to the address below. Your reservation is not added to the calendar until we receive your deposit fee (cash only) in full; no dates are “penciled in” or held for partial payment. The facilities are still available for rent until the time that your full deposit fee is received.

Village of Bonney
19025 FM 521
Bonney, TX 77583

See the following pages for more information and to rent the facilities, or call 281-595-2269.

Terms and Conditions


Community Center reservation forms


Pavilion Center reservation forms


Photos and Contact Information

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