List of Ruling Ordinances

  • Ordinance 4-77
    Peddler’s Ordinance Requiring Application for License to Sell
    Merchandise within Village of Bonney
  • Ordinance 3-80
    Establishing Comprehensive Rules & Regulations for Bonney Traffic;
    Providing for Enforcement & Obedience & Weight Limitations

  • Ordinance 3-88
    Program for Emergency Management Mitigation, Preparedness, Response
    & Recovery; Authorizing \emergency Management Coordinator

  • Ordinance 3-2005
    Ordinance Consenting to Creation of MUD #44; a 249.972 acre tract out
    of Tracts 22, 23, 24 & 25 at Bogart & Taylor Subdivision

  • Ordinance 4-2006
    Ordinance Restricting Sex Offenders Making it Unlawful to live within 1000 Feet of Premises Where Children Gather

  • Ordinance 5-2006
    Ordinance Granting CenterPoint Energy Right, Privilege and Franchise to
    use Public Rights-of-Way & to use, license or exploit the Company’s

  • Ordinance 7-2006
    Ordinance Governing Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes, Mobile Home Parks & Mobile Home Subdivisions protecting the Public Health, Safety & Welfare of the Village of Bonney

  • Ordinance 8-2006
    Ordinance Regarding Recreational Vehicles/R.V. Parks regulating recreational vehicles within the municipal limits of the Village of Bonney; Providing for licensing, inspections, fire protection & revocation of license

  • Ordinance 10-2006
    Speed Zone Ordinance Altering Prima Facie Speed Limits Established for Vehicles Under Provisions of §545.356 Texas Transportation Code

  • Ordinance 3-2007
    Amusement Machine Ordinance to Regulate Game Rooms & Amusement Redemption Machines; and Creating Offenses

  • Ordinance 1-2008
    Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance To Adopt Regulations Designed to Minimize Flood Losses

  • Ordinance 4-2008
    Community Center Rental Ordinance To Approve Rules, Agreements & Documents for Use of Bonney Community Center

  • Ordinance 5-2008
    Ordinance Adopting National Incident Management System (NIMS) as
    Standard for Incident Management by Village of Bonney

  • Ordinance 6-2008
    Ordinance Adopting Rules & Regulations for the Erection, Reconstruction, Alteration or Repair of Signs within the Village of Bonney

  • Ordinance 1-2009
    An Ordinance To Provide Parking Control; to Provide for Definitions; to Provide for Parking Restrictions in Restricted Areas of the Village of Bonney

  • Ordinance 3-2009
    Ordinance Consenting to Creation of Brazoria County MUD #65 to Serve Approximately 367.2 Acres of Land

  • Ordinance 4-2009
    Ordinance Consenting to Creation of Brazoria County MUD #64 to Serve Approximately 359.13 Acres of Land

  • Ordinance 6-2009
    Ordinance Annexing Land (MUD 64) Into the Municipal Limits of the Village of Bonney

  • Ordinance 7-2009
    Ordinance Expanding Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of Village of Bonney
    Beyond the Distance Limitation Imposed by Section 42.021 of the Texas
    Local Government Code

  • Ordinance 3-2010
    An Ordinance of Village of Bonney Prohibiting Burning Within the Village of Bonney During the Time in Which the County of Brazoria Institutes a Total Burn Ban

  • Ordinance 3-2014
    Ordinance Annexing approximately 74.42 Acres of land (Cannon’s Pear Orchard)

  • Ordinance 3 2015
    Ordinance allowing of the City Of Bonney, Texas, allowing for the land use enforcement of land use restrictions contained in Plats and other instruments as provided by the Texas Local Government code, Chapter 212, Subchapter,


List of Ruling Resolutions

  • Resolution 1-2014
    Resolution of the Village of Bonney to accept responsibility for the approval of building and property development within the Village limits and the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of the Village.


  • Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions
    Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Temporary Agricultural Easement for Cannon’s Pear Orchard a Subdivision in Bonney, Brazoria County Texas-Plat No. 2014041086.